Epic Fort 2017

The Epic Fort 2017 theme was dark and light! First, the video: Photo Overview:   Fort Description (and more pics) …

Epic Fort 2016

Fort Featured Image

Another year, another fort—and as always, bigger and better than the last year!

Epic Fort 2015

2015 cardboard fort featured

Another year, another fort! This time we themed it “Arabian Nights”. First, the video! Epic Fort 2015 from Fort Builders …


Epic Fort 2014

epic fort 2014 featured

It’s our 4th year of forting fun—I can’t believe it! This year, we decided to go with a more artsy vibe and came up with the idea of an Avatar theme (the fluorescent planet Pandora).


Epic Fort 2013

fort cardboard 2013 featured

Another year—and our third annual fort building event!  This was a MUCH bigger fort than ever before, and took us …


Hunger Games Treasure Hunt

An awesome treasure hunt that slowly (and to the hunter’s surprise) devolved into a bloodthirsty Hunger Games style fight to the death.

Snail racing game

I used to think snails were disgusting. And I used to hate them, for helping destroy my veggie gardens.  However, …


Golden Snitch Ornament DIY – Harry Potter craft

A fun, quick, cheap and easy DIY for a Golden Snitch ornament (a Harry Potter holiday craft) to hang on your Christmas tree. It’s a great craft for Harry Potter loving kids and adults this holiday.


Epic Fort 2012

So!  Many of you may remember the epic fort my roommates and I built in 2011 (if not, here’s the …

My 2012 Easter Trophy

Here’s a fun DIY that I sorta fell into. One year we decided to host an “Easter Egg Hunt for …

Flour fighting

Inspired by the Hindu holiday Holi, some friends and I decided it’d be fun to have a mini flour-fight.  It turned …


DIY Masquerade Mask Tutorial

Every New Years for the past 4 years I’ve tried to do something slightly different than normal. This year, it …

The vintage arcade

For the holidays Chris and I were up in Sonoma (i.e. wine country), but we did take a day trip …



If you haven’t heard of Geocaching, you HAVE to check it out here. Essentially it’s like an ongoing treasure hunt …

Redwall feast!

I mentioned this over on fair ivy’s blog, but thought I might do a little blog posting about it as …

Beast Make Bomb – and Ninjas

Chris, Tom and Jan have recently come out with their first iPhone game, called Ninjas vs Vikings!  It took lots of …


Epic Fort 2011

Remember back in March when I said it would be great to have enough boxes to build a fort?


Community Service

Yesterday I was asked to help out at a local community service event that doesn’t really fit your normal idea …