I’m Lucy. I build forts, have silly adventures, and craft things.

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  1. I cannot thank you enough for the TRex paper mache tutorial. You seriously just helped my son to have the absolute RADDEST 2nd grade project ever!
    SO so cool!

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      Thanks for the message—I am so glad you found it useful! I would love to see pictures of how your version came out if you take some!

  2. Hi, I’ve been inspired by your epic forts and can’t wait to make my own! I’ve been making forts for my kids but now think it’s time for an adult version!!

    Do you mind answering 2 questions? Where did you get the balls from for the ball pit? What size of moving boxes are you using for the tunnels?


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      Aw yay, I’m so glad to hear that!

      The balls were a bit tough — we actually found someone on craigslist (in Las Vegas, which we had to drive to from LA) who used to import them who had a ton of extra after shutting down his business. They were $75 per 500.

      Before finding him, our original plan was to get them from China, on alibaba.com. But it was more expensive and rather complicated, because for a good deal you had to go pick the balls up at a port. So I’d suggest perusing craigslist in nearby cities and hoping for the best.

      My one tip is to DEFINITELY make sure you buy non-crush balls. If you don’t, after the first couple adults jump around in there you’ll suddenly have no more balls. They’re more expensive but worth it (plus we ended up re-selling the balls at a small profit, so you definitely want to have some left at the end)!

      The boxes are the extra large size from Home Depot, size 21x22x22.

      Good luck!

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