Huge Paper Mache Firefighter Helmet

How to make a gigantic paper mache firefighter helmet with just a few common materials lying around the house. Great for 4th of July parades!

Zombie Nutcracker

Zombie Nutcracker Tutorial (Craft DIY)

I love the Nightmare Before Christmas, mainly because of the concept of making cute Christmas toys evil. I made the bloody …


Carnivorous Plant DIY Craft

Carnivorous Plant Craft Tutorial

I’m a big fan of Little Shop of Horrors, and was inspired to make some sort of man eating plant …


Paper Mache Octopus : Craft Tutorial

Paper Mache Octopus Craft Tutorial

As a notorious Halloween craft junkie, I’m always looking for new things to make to decorate my house with, come October. For some reason I decided that an octopus craft was in order—a creepy, albino, paper mache octopus, to be exact.


My Zombie Costume

zombielucy featured

I posted earlier this month about my Zombie Teddy DIY, so I thought it best to add some photos of …


Zombie Teddy – DIY

terror teddy close up featured

A tutorial on how to make a Terror Teddy from a regular cute old teddy bear. Be warned: there is slicing, dicing, and lots of gore.


Dr Horrible Costume & DIY Death Ray

For Halloween this year, Chris decided to be a mad scientist. I was surprised at how quickly he pulled it all together (on the day of the party!), but was even more surprised at the amazing death ray he seemed to fashion out of nothing.


Terrifying Halloween Photoshop

Chris has been putting his photoshopping skills to good use, and is creating portraits for our spooky Halloween wall at the house.