Zombie Teddy – DIY

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Zombie Teddy - DIY Before/After

As you may have guessed, Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. ¬†This year I plan to be a zombie child…and what would a zombie child be without her zombie teddy?

Here’s my how-to:

Zombie Teddy DIY How-To:


  • Teddy bear
  • Mod Podge
  • Paste (flour + water)
  • Paper (for papier mache)
  • Red paint
  • Various plastic bits (I used a plastic knife, water bottle and fake nails)
  • Plastic grocery bag
  • X-acto knife or scissors
Here we go….

Adorable little teddy doesn’t know what’s coming to him yet….


1. Cut the teddy open down the center (ouch).  Remove a bit of the stuffing right in the center.

2.  Cut out some ribs.  I used some plastic from a strawberry box, but even a cereal box would work.

3.  Attach the ribs to a good solid piece of plastic (like a plastic knife) with glue or tape.

4. Papier mache that bad boy.  Just mix some flour and water til you get a mud-like consistency, then cover the rib-cage piece in gloppy pieces of paper.  Let it dry a couple hours, or put it in the oven on the warm setting for half an hour.


5. ¬†Cover the inside of the teddy in mod-podge or glue to make it a bit stiff. ¬†But make sure you don’t use so much that you can’t still push around the inside stuffing (for getting the rib cage in there). ¬†Then cover it in red paint.

6. ¬†Stuff those ribs up into his chest cavity. ¬†The top of the knife went up into his head (this is a very violent DIY in case you haven’t noticed).

He’s starting to look a bit like a zombie teddy…

7.  Grab a plastic grocery bag, and cut the handles off.

8. ¬†Cover those in mod-podge or glue, twist them up and let them dry. ¬†Then paint them with a dark red paint. ¬†It’s better if it’s a different shade of red than the red of his chest cavity.

9. ¬†Once those are dry-ish, stuff them into the bottom of the rib-cage area. ¬†They’re his intestines, and they should be spewing out. ¬†You could even give him one of the ends to hold in his hand or in his mouth, for extra horror and violence.

10.  I wanted the whole thing to be really shiny and wet/fresh-looking, so once all the paint was dry I covered all his insides in a glossy mod-podge.

11.  Time for his face! Slice open his mouth.

12.  For his teeth, I used some old fake nails that I painted a dirty white color.

13.  I used a plastic piece from a water bottle to make his gummy area (painted pink), to give the whole mouth structure some firmness.   Then I glued some crazily-cut teeth in.

14. Bloodied his mouth up…

15. Gave him a zombie-eye….

And I’m done!

The final product:  

Zombie Teddy DIY

Zombie Teddy DIY

Zombie Teddy DIY

Zombie Teddy DIY


Here’s a photo of the final costume (more photos here):

Zombie Teddy DIY (with Zombie Girl)

Happy Halloween!

ps. Zombie Teddy has a friend now‚ÄĒTop O’The Mornin’ Teddy.
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    1. Lucy Post

      Haha want me to make you one?
      I hadn’t though about it, this was more a labor of love to satisfy my intense Halloween obsession than anything else.
      If you really wanted one, email me (on contact page) and we can discuss.
      But I do suggest you try making one yourself ‚ÄĒ it’s a super fun project!

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