Epic Fort 2012

So!  Many of you may remember the epic fort my roommates and I built in 2011
(if not, here’s the link to the post with videos)

We have now decided to do this EVERY year, on the 3rd weekend in May (mark your calendars).

How to Make a Fort : We build a fort every year!

This year we went for an even MORE epic fort than last year.
It had many new features:

  • Meters of “maze” (which was pitch black when you didn’t turn on the xmas lights inside, and extremely difficult to navigate)
  • A “Cathedral room”, which had a vaulted ceiling
  • Trap doors that helped bypass longer portions of the maze (but were invisible to those not in the know)
  • And my favorite part: a balloon room!  This was a room with floors made of couches, and completely covered in balloons.  It was like being inside a ball pit, only better.
Anywho, without further ado, here’s the video—which includes the building, playing in, and destruction of Epic Fort 2012!

We even made a layout plan prior to building!
 How to Make a Fort : We build a fort every year!

If you need to know how to make a fort, just email me with more details!

View all our Epic Forts by clicking here!

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  1. Hello I would love it if you could do step by step instructions I’m going to have a party and would love to do this

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      Hi Scout!
      Sorry for getting to this late. We’re making another fort this year in May, so I’ll try and create step by step instructions for next time. Otherwise, it’s pretty much:
      1. Gather friends, cardboard and tape
      2. Draw out a general outline
      3. Pair people up and let them go nuts on their own section, making sure the sections connect
      4. Party!

  2. That was the most awesome inside fort ever, wish I had the space to do it my kids would love it …
    Great job

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  3. good stuff. i make forts, actually castles, the same way in my basement. have you thought about making any windows? i use strips of colored cellophane to make “stained glass” windows.

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