Explorin’ the lake {geocaching}

We are at it again—making and hiding another geocachefor people to hunt down!  While we were up north in the beautiful countryside of Sonoma, we spotted a lonely tree stump sitting out in a gorgeous lake.  Being the curious people we are, we promptly stopped our walk, built a stone bridge out to it and messed around taking photos on it.

But WAIT!  There was an unusual hole right down in the middle of the log, that seemed like an all-too-perfect location for hidden treasure.  We got straight to it.

Lastly, we (well, Chris) created a little poem that hints at the geocache’s location….here’s an excerpt:

This stump may look simple, a stone’s toss from the shore,
But looks deceive, it is oh so much more.
So gather your stones, a bridge you must lay,
Or get wet your feet, they can dry through the day.
And if you chance upon, this lake’s stony shores,


Give thanks to Poseidon, his gift will be yours!

And of course we removed most of the stones, for an added challenge—but left them in a big pile on the shore—treasure hunters will know what to do!

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