Dress-up for New Years

Somehow I was convinced to wear this most outrageous dress for New Years—but I ended up liking it! We silver-leafed some of my old shoes and even my fingernails to match the silver spikes.


Succulent lantern planter DIY

I bring you….a succulent lantern planter DIY! This Christmas, Chris and I made an unusual gift out of an Ikea …


Golden Snitch Ornament DIY – Harry Potter craft

A fun, quick, cheap and easy DIY for a Golden Snitch ornament (a Harry Potter holiday craft) to hang on your Christmas tree. It’s a great craft for Harry Potter loving kids and adults this holiday.

Harvest Festival

Our 2nd Annual Harvest Festival (or Feast-ival) was a success. Pot-luck style, we had an early Thanksgiving-but-with-friends dinner that was absolutely delicious!


Dr Horrible Costume & DIY Death Ray

For Halloween this year, Chris decided to be a mad scientist. I was surprised at how quickly he pulled it all together (on the day of the party!), but was even more surprised at the amazing death ray he seemed to fashion out of nothing.

Tiki hut for dinner, fire pit for wine

We’ve recently updated our tiki hut to more of a tiki cabana, so here’s a last little look at some good times in the old tiki hut, along with some happy nights with wine around the fire pit.


Terrifying Halloween Photoshop

Chris has been putting his photoshopping skills to good use, and is creating portraits for our spooky Halloween wall at the house.

Venice Beach life

Just some awesome shots from around Venice Beach, CA

Bodega Bay

Chris and I recently took an adventure to Bodega Bay, which is about an hour north of San Francisco. We’d heard from locals in Sonoma that there was a “secret place” in Bodega….

Aquarium adventure

Lovely trip to the Long Beach aquarium with Chris.  I’m not much for zoos (I end up feeling really badly for …

Fashion show

I recently went to a fashion show called Audrey’s Night Out in a hangar at Santa Monica Airport.  It was …


Garden update : non-edibles

A quick overview of non-edible plants in The House garden at the moment, in photo-form. The third one is a …

Gift wrap out of an old magazine

Don’t have any wrapping paper around the house?  Never fear!  Just grab your most photo-tastic magazine, rip out the most …


Making pizza in a pizza oven

So I posted some details about the new pizza oven we built at The House few weeks ago, and it …


DIY seed box

I love gardening, but up until now have been keeping my seed packets stuffed into a ratty paper lunch bag. …


Building a pizza oven

The big excitement around The House has been the pizza oven that we’ve been building. And by we, I mean …


Epic Fort 2012

So!  Many of you may remember the epic fort my roommates and I built in 2011 (if not, here’s the …

The Freemont Diner

I was just in Sonoma for a good 3 weeks, and there was one article in Sunset magazine (which I …

My 2012 Easter Trophy

Here’s a fun DIY that I sorta fell into. One year we decided to host an “Easter Egg Hunt for …

Flour fighting

Inspired by the Hindu holiday Holi, some friends and I decided it’d be fun to have a mini flour-fight.  It turned …

Rubber stamps

A great way to improve your product packaging—or make your personal gifts look more awesome, is to make or buy …

Colorful garden rocks

You know, sometimes you just need to craft! Without much of a plan but with rocks and a ton of …

Foraging for food

Last weekend was an epic adventure into the wilderness to forage for food (led by a professional nature guide guy). …

Succulent acquisition

One of my new favorite activities is succulent acquisition.  In case you aren’t “in the know” about succulents, they’re wonderful …