Foraging for food

Last weekend was an epic adventure into the wilderness to forage for food (led by a professional nature guide guy).

It turns out there are a surprising number of edible (and nutritious!) plants in the Los Angeles wilderness.   Check out some of the loot:

At night after the foraging team returned, our house had what we call “Urban Family Dinner”, where we all prepare a different dish and have a large dinner with our housemates, neighbors, and other friends.

The foraged plants made an appearance in this delicious salad (a few other yummy ingredients were added to spice it up a bit):

And we paired our lovely meal with some homebrewed cider, made by Chris!   If you’re interested in making your own cider, it’s relatively easy—here’s a guideyou can check out on it!

Mmm homebrewed cider!
It turned out a bit more alcoholic than we intended though…hence the teeny tiny glass 😛

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