Zombie Nutcracker Tutorial (Craft DIY)

Zombie Nutcracker

I love the Nightmare Before Christmas, mainly because of the concept of making cute Christmas toys evil. I made the bloody toy duck from the movie last year, and wanted to expand my collection to display ......

Carnivorous Plant Craft Tutorial

Carnivorous Plant DIY Craft

I’m a big fan of Little Shop of Horrors, and was inspired to make some sort of man eating plant for a new Halloween Craft. Plus, we had this perfect little jungle-y planter in our house ......

Paper Mache Octopus Craft Tutorial
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Paper Mache Octopus : Craft Tutorial

As a notorious Halloween craft junkie, I’m always looking for new things to make to decorate my house with, come October. For some reason I decided that an octopus craft was in order—a creepy, albino, paper mache octopus, to be exact....

2015 cardboard fort featured
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Epic Fort 2015

Another year, another fort! This time we themed it “Arabian Nights”. First, the video! Epic Fort 2015 from Fort Builders on Vimeo. Now for some pics: The space before we started (well, after we made ......

DIY Gnome Tutorial
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DIY Gnome : Tutorial

After a semi-failed attempt at making the toy duck from The Nightmare Before Christmas, I ended up with a ton of spare clay. Time for some Christmas crafts — a christmas gnome!...

wedding succulents centerpieces featured

Wedding succulent centerpieces

Donna asked me to create the succulent centerpieces for her wedding, and it was like she had given me the best gift ever—a reason to both go thrift storing like crazy, but also to go on succulent ......

epic fort 2014 featured
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Epic Fort 2014

It's our 4th year of forting fun—I can't believe it! This year, we decided to go with a more artsy vibe and came up with the idea of an Avatar theme (the fluorescent planet Pandora)....

birds sculpture featured
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Dr Seuss Craft DIY

Inspired by the work of Dr. Seuss and his fun whimsical taxidermied fake animals, I decided to create a bird-creature for the wall. Dr Seuss Craft : Taxidermy DIY Materials: Scrap paper Paste (made from flour ......

80s prom party featured

80s Prom Party

For the third year, we decided to head to Drink Eat Play’s 80s Prom Party in Hollywood, and really go all out with the silliness of it. So!  We ordered a limo, got super awesome ......

zombielucy featured

My Zombie Costume

I posted earlier this month about my Zombie Teddy DIY, so I thought it best to add some photos of my full Halloween zombie costume, teddy and all.  It was a pretty easy zombie costume ......

murder mystery dinner featured

Murder Mystery dinner

On July 6th, 1942 in a murder mystery dinner extravaganza, 10 friends gathered to wine, dine, and determine the murderer and true cause of death of The Black Cat, France’s greatest living mime artist.  It ......

fort cardboard 2013 featured
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Epic Fort 2013

Another year—and our third annual fort building event!  This was a MUCH bigger fort than ever before, and took us two full days to create.  It involved slides, wooden platforms, secret rooms (the crystal cave), ......

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