Hunger Games Treasure Hunt

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Here are some better images of the Hunger Games Treasure Hunt treasure chest:

Hunger Games Treasure Hunt Chest

We found this chest at a nearby thrift store for $4.  The lock we grabbed from the hardware store for a couple bucks and then used a gold pen to make it look a little more fancy and old.  Also, the entire box was buried in the ground for an entire week before it was found, so that helped add some natural grunge.

Hunger Games treasure hunt chest. Geekout!

Hunger Games Treasure Hunt Chest

Hunger Games Treasure Hunt Rules

To make the Rule proclamation, we printed some text on a regular sheet of white printer paper using the free fonts Treasure Map Deadhand and DK Trashtype.  The we put some boiling water in a baking dish with 3-4 black tea bags and let it seep for a couple minutes.  We then put the printed sheet in it and left it in there for about 20 minutes.

We took it out, left it to dry in the sun (or you could use a blowdryer), and then used a lighter to burn away at the edges until it was the shape we wanted.

Hunger Games Treasure Hunt Chest

The gold Mockingjay I drew in and then colored using a gold pen from an art store.  I painted it over with glossy mod podge in order to make it last longer.  Now that the treasure hunt is over, this is the coolest, geekiest jewelry box ever—I love it!

Did you read the entire Hunger Games Treasure Hunt post?  Click here to start at the beginning.

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  1. I absolutely love this idea and the trouble you went to to get everyone into high spirit. I especially love your little treasure chest and the fact that you used South African Gold coins as I am from South Africa.

    I think I will try and incorporate a Hunger Games Treasure Hunt into our Companies year end function. This could be a wonderful ice breaker before we get to our lunch venue.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

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