Hunger Games Treasure Hunt

 Goodness, I’m getting all excited just writing about it.

So, the geeks among the group were quick to realize that the Cornucopia was the place where the Hunger Games begin, so they rushed back to the area where they had dug up the first treasure chest.  And they dug deeper.

Since half of them were already all wet from jumping in the pool, this was a very muddy business.  Deeper down the hole, they found yet another cloth-wrapped treasure chest, containing yet another ancient proclamation.

So…it gets a bit twisted now.  As in the actual Hunger Games book, the two District-mates who thought they were a team working together are now given the choice of being pitted against each other to the death.  Decisions, decisions!  I suppose it all depends on what items they need to complete…

ICED!  Attached to the top was a note:
“Are you here to finish me off, sweetheart?” –Peeta

To our surprise, no one double-crossed their District-mate in order to avoid this task (what nice friends!).  Having all been Iced, instructions led them to a pile of rocks behind a firewood pile.

We’re getting so close to the end!

Unscrambled, the rocks spelled out BARBECUE.

A frantic race to the barbecue, and the first one there found the final winners horn:

The horn sounded and the winners were crowned, with our square gold-spray-painted cardboard crown!


Want to see some better images of the Hunger Games Treasure hunt chest? Check out the final page!

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