Hunger Games Treasure Hunt

Ok, so here’s where it starts getting GOOD.

Very obviously, on the map X MARKS THE SPOT .  This led the treasure hunters to an X marked out in stones near the back of the garden, and they set about to digging with the trowel they just picked up in the last clue (in the tree).

After some Zoolander-style digging action followed by some “Get out of the way—let me show you how it’s done!”, a cloth-covered box was pulled from the dirt!

Using a key that was hidden underneath the fake floor of one of the little clue boxes picked up earlier, the box was opened and the contents revealed…

Not only was there treasure abounds (chocolate gold coins), but also an ancient proclamation, and three envelopes.

Welcome to….The Hunger Games!
Here’s some advice: Stay alive.

1. Look at your bandana.  The number tells you your District.  
Join your District-mate.  They may help you survive.

2. If you die, you lose. 

Happy Hunger Games!
And may the odds be ever in your favor. 

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