Dr Seuss Craft DIY

birds sculpture featured

Inspired by the work of Dr. Seuss and his fun whimsical taxidermied fake animals, I decided to create a bird-creature for the wall. Dr Seuss Craft : Taxidermy DIY Materials: Scrap paper Paste (made from flour …


Paper Mache Dinosaur Mask (T-rex costume DIY)

Paper Mache Dinosaur Mask DIY - T-rex costume tutorial

It’s time for a paper mache dinosaur mask DIY! I absolutely love paper mache (or papier mache, however you want to spell it), and jump at any opportunity to do it.  This Christmas, my friends and I …


Zombie Teddy – DIY

terror teddy close up featured

A tutorial on how to make a Terror Teddy from a regular cute old teddy bear. Be warned: there is slicing, dicing, and lots of gore.

Murder Mystery dinner

murder mystery dinner featured

On July 6th, 1942 in a murder mystery dinner extravaganza, 10 friends gathered to wine, dine, and determine the murderer and true cause of death of The Black Cat, France’s greatest living mime artist.  It …


Hunger Games Treasure Hunt

An awesome treasure hunt that slowly (and to the hunter’s surprise) devolved into a bloodthirsty Hunger Games style fight to the death.


Golden Snitch Ornament DIY – Harry Potter craft

A fun, quick, cheap and easy DIY for a Golden Snitch ornament (a Harry Potter holiday craft) to hang on your Christmas tree. It’s a great craft for Harry Potter loving kids and adults this holiday.


Dr Horrible Costume & DIY Death Ray

For Halloween this year, Chris decided to be a mad scientist. I was surprised at how quickly he pulled it all together (on the day of the party!), but was even more surprised at the amazing death ray he seemed to fashion out of nothing.

Flour fighting

Inspired by the Hindu holiday Holi, some friends and I decided it’d be fun to have a mini flour-fight.  It turned out to be a surprisingly simple, fun and super cheap way to have a laugh, …


DIY Masquerade Mask Tutorial

Every New Years for the past 4 years I’ve tried to do something slightly different than normal. This year, it involved going to a proper Masquerade Ball—in San Francisco, with the symphony orchestra. The invitation …



If you haven’t heard of Geocaching, you HAVE to check it out here. Essentially it’s like an ongoing treasure hunt that exists all over the world.   Awesome people hide little treasure boxes all over …

Redwall feast!

I mentioned this over on fair ivy’s blog, but thought I might do a little blog posting about it as well. One day my friends and I all realized that we all *loved* Redwall when …