Paper Mache Octopus : Craft Tutorial

Paper Mache Octopus Craft Tutorial

As a notorious Halloween craft junkie, I’m always looking for new things to make to decorate my house with, come October. For some reason I decided that an octopus craft was in order—a creepy, albino, paper mache octopus, to be exact.


DIY Deer Antlers (How to make Deer Antlers)

DIY Deer Antlers

For whatever reason, Chris and I decide to fill a giant blank wall in our house in Florence with a vegan-friendly set of paper mache deer antlers. And then I made a tutorial about it, just for kicks.


Dr Seuss Craft DIY

birds sculpture featured

Inspired by the work of Dr. Seuss and his fun whimsical taxidermied fake animals, I decided to create a bird-creature for the wall. Dr Seuss Craft : Taxidermy DIY Materials: Scrap paper Paste (made from flour …


Paper Mache Dinosaur Mask (T-rex costume DIY)

Paper Mache Dinosaur Mask DIY - T-rex costume tutorial

It’s time for a paper mache dinosaur mask DIY! I absolutely love paper mache (or papier mache, however you want to spell it), and jump at any opportunity to do it.  This Christmas, my friends and I …


Zombie Teddy – DIY

terror teddy close up featured

A tutorial on how to make a Terror Teddy from a regular cute old teddy bear. Be warned: there is slicing, dicing, and lots of gore.

Easter Trophy 2011

As many of you know, a lot of the items that come in our surprise packages are handmade by fantastic crafters around the world.  Being in charge of selecting what products appear each month, I …