Easter Trophy 2011

As many of you know, a lot of the items that come in our surprise packages are handmade by fantastic crafters around the world.  Being in charge of selecting what products appear each month, I get the supremely fun task of examining all the crafty and handmade items myself!  I really admire all the creativity that I see.

But the large irony of it is, I am no handmaker.  Not even a little bit.  I don’t believe I have ever sat down and made something that anyone in their right mind would pay money for.  I did go through a felting phase 4 years ago where I made this funky felt monster—but again, I don’t believe it’s going to catapult me into riches. But!  None of this stops me from crafting.  For me it’s the best way to crank up the imagination and at the same time, not really think.

Every year, our house puts on an Easter Egg Hunt for our grown-up friends, where the prize is an extremely random and unusual trophy.  A new trophy is created each year by myself and my roommate, though neither of us are very artistically inclined. But the strangest part of it is—our guests fall all over each other trying to win it, and then will proudly display it in their office, above their fireplace, etc!

So this weekend we gathered up a bunch of random objects (e.g. piece of wood, small plastic pterodactyl, toy airplane propellor, etc), attached them to a kids soccer trophy we found in a thrift store, and paper mached and painted the heck out of it.   Check it out:

Gettin messy (me on the right)
The messier the better, I believe
The final trophy!
It was so much fun!

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