The goat farm

At Unique LA a few weeks ago we met the lovely Lauren, who owns Chivas Skin Care.  She invited us down to her goat farm because they just had some baby goats.   And yes, she does have the best life ever….

Lauren from Chivas Skin Care!
Ok, I know that isn’t a goat, but it’s still super cute! (photo from Chivas Skin Care)
Just one of their awesome products made out of goat milk!
(photo from Chivas Skin Care)

This adventure led us to the sleepy town of Fillmore, California.  We checked out the goats, met a pig that oddly reminded me a bit of my dog, shopped at a thrift store located in an old-fashioned train, tasted honey at a bee farm…and found an abandoned carousel!

Heading to the goat farm…
Goats! We sadly didn’t get good photos of the baby goats, but they were adorable 🙂
Slightly creepy carousel…
This train went around the local area—picture taken from the patio of the “thrift store train”

Overall a great adventure!  So if you live in the local LA area and want a fun little day trip, contact Lauren from Chivas Skin Care (they make wonderful goat milk soap, lotions and lip balms!) and perhaps she’ll show you around the farm.  There is also a tea house in the town for lunch!

Have a great weekend and holidays!

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