Paper Mache Dinosaur Mask (T-rex costume DIY)

Paper Mache Dinosaur Mask DIY - T-rex costume tutorial


Justus didn’t attend his last day of work at his fancy financial firm.  Office Dino did.













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  4. Hi, was worried that the balloons may loose air if I make it early / before the actual event ill be using it for… .???? – g.della

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      Hey! The balloons are only to create a shape temporarily, so you can cover them in paper mache. Once the paper mache has hardened, the balloons can be popped, or you can let them deflate on their own and stay in there. Hope that helps!

  5. Thank you for this! My wee dinofanatic just watched a show with a papermache dino head (dino dan) but only showed the final version.

    i had never paper mache’d anything in my life, so one search on how to make it, and one search on dinosaur helmet paper mache!

    you laid out everything so perfect for me, he’s going to have a lot of dinosaur helmets!!

    do you have any tips on making big spikes for them 🙂

    thanks again, awesome post!

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      I’m so glad it’s going to be helpful! I’d say big spikes would probably be best made out of cardboard cut into triangles. Then to make them harder just go ahead and paper mache the heck out of them, including the part where it attaches to the head so that they don’t break off. Or if you can find any cool colored plastic you can cut into triangles, hot glue might do the trick and you can avoid the extra paper mache-ing.
      Good luck!!

  6. HI there! Can I use little plastic balls instead of water filled balloons? Do the balls change the view? It looks fantastic btw, thanks for step by step showing.

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      Yes, definitely! (Also, the balloons were filled with air not water haha—water would be a disaster). It won’t change anything——you see through the mouth when you’re wearing it.
      Glad you like the tutorial! 🙂

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      Sorry for the late reply! Yes, for sure—you can use anything round. I liked the balloons because they kinda compress against the helmet and make more of a half-sphere. With a hard ball you’d have an entire sphere sticking out of the head. But that could also look cool!

  9. Beautiful job, any ideas on not having to use the hat inside? I have all the materials except for that…

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      Yep! You could blow up a balloon that is at least as big as your head and then start paper mache-ing around that. I like the construction hat because it really secures the mask to your head, so the balloon method might wobble around and be less comfortable. But should work!

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      What steps did you take? The only parts I can think might turn out heavy is if you did different eyes or maybe didn’t leave the paper mache to dry fully?

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