First festival!

Hey all!

Sorry I’ve been so poor at posting recently.  It’s been rather crazy here, with lots of new fair ivyorders and planning for our booth at the Unique LA festival last weekend!

Here are a couple photos from it:
Little handmade mailbox, for promoting our business cards
Me posing (making a silly face) in the booth.
Our main focus was color  (in case you couldn’t notice!) 

A couple of my favorite things from other booths:

This group turned old bottles into awesome glasses!
They did them with all kinds of bottles—soda, beer, wine, liquor!
It was very cool 🙂
Angry bird cake toppers!  So adorable and fun!
On a side note, the majority of my roommates are currently working on a new iPhone game called Ninjas vs. Vikings (coming in September—I’ll update more then!), and our hopefully someday people will make cake toppers of those too!

If any of you were there, let me know!

Also, for those of you participating in the surprise package exchange, make sure you send out your packages this week!


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