Classy chardonnay and croquet

Here’s another silly adventure post!
While on vacation up in wine country (Sonoma in Northern CA), my friends and I went to a fun event called “Chardonnay and Croquet” at the Sonoma Cutrer winery.
We dressed up in our best, most classiest old-school outfits (white was recommended) and headed to the winery.  We were first given cute little boxed lunches and our own mini bottle of yummy chardonnay.   Then we were paired into teams, taught the game, and started our tournament!
The ladies dressed to the 9’s (not entirely sure what that means…)
Em and I being fierce (go team Oyster Pirates!)
Croquet is obviously a very feminine sport….
Then of course we couldn’t resist a Gatsby-style photo shoot back at home
As you can see, we love parasols…why don’t more people use them nowadays?

We ended up in 4th place (out of 8 teams) so not a poor showing.
And we won cupcakes from our friends on another team!  Overall a lovely day!

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